Currently, We are in prototyping stages and refining our technology. Meanwhile, we have won several awards and competitions. Some of them are listed here.

Our second prototype, designed from scratch with modularity and practicality in mind.

August 2022

July 2022

Respire in Kumasi, Ghana to build and test sensors in adverse conditions of Africa in collaboration with KNUST and TU Delft Global Initiative.

Respire participated in the Climate Launchpad 2021. Although we didn’t win, we received valuable feedback on our business model and tuning the product offering.

July 2021

May 2021

Respire is awarded personnel hiring support and sponsorship at Dragon’s Den event organised by Stud.

Respire wins Grand Prize (1st Place) at ReadyToStartup! organised by Rolland Berger and YES!Delft Students

Feb 2021

Nov 2020

Respire represented TU Delft at National level Dutch 4TU challenge

Respire wins wildcard at TU Delft Impact Contest and will represent TU Delft at national level Dutch 4TU Impact challenge

June 2020

Respire reaches the Semi Finals of the Philips Innovation Award 2020, the biggest student Entrepreneurship award in the Netherlands

April 2020

Respire awarded 5K initial funding on TU Delft Global Impact Day by TU Delft Global Initiative

Nov 2019