The air around us significantly impacts our health.

We map the pollution in the air around you, analyse it and give insights to help your

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Measuring what Matters

Every human being breaths more than 10 times per minute.

We analyse the particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and other volatile organic compounds present in the air around you. This information is a readout of the quality of the air and our well-being as a community. We map this data, empowering communities to tackle air pollution proactively.

Our offering relies on end to end software-hardware integration

Deployment Algorithm

Our customised mapping algorithm identifies the ideal number of custom-built respire devices for each and every street of the area under consideration

Respire Hardware

An IoT device, Respire which consists of particulate matter and gas sensors: PM 2.5 and PM 10, CO, NO and O3. The device is small enough to be attached to any moving infrastructure like bikes and public transport to measure real-time air quality readings.

Forecasting Model

A neural network fed using the data collected by respires to generate insights such as prediction of air quality and identifying sources of air pollution in the area of interest.

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Looking for a clean city with effective air pollution monitoring and policies


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Trying to improve outdoor air quality on its campus surroundings for a healthy working environment.

Potential Partner

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